Monday, October 19, 2009

The Montoids Arrive in Malibu and Milan

THE FASCINATED FANCY of a Montauk artist and a global network of artists and sculptors has resulted in the rebirth of those dark and scary shark and ray eggs found on the Ditch Plains beaches into the whimsical Montoids, who take on the unique character and personality of their owners. They are already the buzz of Hollywood, Bollywood and Italy.

Here is what the back of their chic gold-rimmed, transparent boxes says:

Montoids are native to Montauk, New York. Each Montoid has a personality as unique as each owner. Montoids bring love, good luck and lasting good fortune. They are created by a global network of artists and sculptors, including founding artist Sheila Kurtz, who also selects the “canvases” for the creatures on the Montauk beaches, where they are known as Mermaid’s Purses. (They are actually the eggshells of oceanic sharks and rays.) Montoids are hand-painted and embellished with a wide range of lacquers, glitters, rosettes, and sea-related materials. Montoids seem fragile, yet they are tougher than they look. However, they are best treated tenderly, especially their eyes, head gear and clutch pins (a small tweezers will help grip recalcitrant little clutches). Many Montoidslike to travel on sweaters, hats, coats, tuxedo lapels, purses and scarves, while some prefer to hang about on family Christmas trees. Collectors may email or call 212-799-9296 for additional information.

[Each authentic Montoid™ has a given name, a registry number and an artist’s private mark.]

The Montoids may also soon be found in the most fanciful stores in Manhattan, Washington and Boston, and perhaps on the East End. We'll keep you informed.

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